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  • Wonder



    lovely, heartwarming, heartmelting, sweet, cute, tear-jerking--basically anything you can expect from family-drama film. kinda normative with predictable plot (just like the default plot for family film), but Wonder is still a wonder!

    I definitely in love with the way they deliver and drive Auggie obsession over Star Wars and dreams to become astronaut as semiotical mood and story telling. what a lovely, funny, fresh, and joyful touch.

    sure, just like what he did in ROOM, Jacob Trelawney stole my heart. very well casted.

  • Night Bus

    Night Bus


    the most intense and important Indonesian film this year. fresh genre, delivery, story, visual style, and story. definitely worth Piala Citra 2017 for best film.

    too bad the finishing touch seems undone. the CGI is too flaw to unrecognisable.

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  • Posesif



    the most organic Indonesian teenage romance drama I ever saw in mainstream cinema!

    this film is a beast! it gives you drama and also suspense. sweet, dark, heartwarming, and shallow in one package. sure Edwin made it very well. I should call it an art piece that satisfy my eyes, ears, and heart.

  • Vincent



    6 minutes of dark-dorky awesomeness!