• Clown



    As much a killer clown movie as The Fly is a monster movie, Clown smartly focuses on the transformation of the human dad becoming a possessed killer clown, a rather original story with some dose of black humor. While it ultimately suffers from a lack of commitment to any of its ideas, it’s bold enough to go where Friday the 13th: Jason Lives is afraid to go. 

    This also has a fun backstory. Apparently the then-unknown Jon Watts was clowning…

  • In Dreams

    In Dreams


    If I’m being honest, people talking about their dreams using Jungian terminology bores me to tears. Most of the time, dreams are brain poop. As you dream, it’s the brain cleaning itself, getting rid of toxic waste products. It’s a piece of cerebral toilet paper the brain is wiping itself with. Now, you wanna tell me about it while I eat my breakfast? Get outta here. 

    Annette Bening plays Claire Cooper who not only talks about her dreams nonstop, but…

  • Cut Off

    Cut Off


    My buddy Jonah has over 5,000 movies in his collection, from VHS tapes to 4k Blu rays. One thing you should know about Jonah is he doesn’t wait for the retail price of a disc to drop or for a boutique label to go on sale. Nope. Not Jonah. He doesn’t have time for that let’s-wait-for-a-discount bullshit. He buys movies at full retail price as soon as they’re released. If a limited edition steelbook that would go well with the…

  • All the Way

    All the Way


    After talking with my stepdad, I realized I knew little about LBJ. My impression of him was what this movie attempts to correct, that he was more than an accidental president who had to step in following JFK’s assassination. I barely remembered he won the subsequent election and ran for another four years. 

    This Dad Movie explores his first-term presidency leading up to the election in a rather engrossing study of opposites: temperament, political movements, and leaderships. And multiverses. Set…

  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World


    My friend remembers when she was little, it was raining and on the way back home, she was in the back of the family van, where she was sleepy and the windshield wipers up ahead moved back and forth as if hypnotically. Back and forth, back and forth, she began to imagine one of the wipers waking up the other wiper, before leaving and before the other wiper going back to bed, like a child struggling to get up for…

  • Antlers



    Not to lock horns or antlers with any of you, whom I love deer-ly, but for the love of horror, I’m hoping the pointedly absurd trauma of school shootings in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 has run the “everyone has trauma” trend into the ground.

  • The House on Carroll Street

    The House on Carroll Street


    I used to live on Smith Street, two blocks from Carroll Street in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn. Despite having an Irish surname, in recent times it’s become an Italian American neighborhood. But in the last ten years, it’s barely been Italian American, completely gentrified by the likes of Starbucks and Park Natural Foods. All the remaining traces of the Italian American community I saw when I moved in were all but gone when I moved out four years…

  • Extreme Measures

    Extreme Measures


    Michael Apted was a moving target, wasn’t he? There was no genre he wouldn’t work in if the project attracted him, having directed everything from courtroom dramas to documentary to Hollywood thrillers. The true diversity of his filmography, including the Up series and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, probably explains why he’s not as popular as other auteurs on LB. There isn’t much in the way of style or visual distinction about his work for film bros to idolize;…

  • Vampire in Brooklyn

    Vampire in Brooklyn


    Coming to America is a classic American comedy that Wes Craven knew better than to fuck with, so he added bucketloads of blood in this remake. Apparently, not everyone was on the same page. In an interview, Craven said he wanted Eddie Murphy’s character to be vulnerable, but Eddie insisted on being funny. In another interview, Charlie Murphy, Eddie’s brother and co-writer of this movie, said it was the studio who wanted Eddie to be funny. In another interview, Paramount said…

  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence

    A.I. Artificial Intelligence


    I wonder how Woody Allen feels about Spielberg and Kubrick being BFF. I don’t mean to bring up the past, but you know, Woody and Ingmar Bergman went out for dinner once, and, well, there was no spark. Both men had mutual respect for each other, as they had a lot in common, such as themes of religious crisis and the fortitude of not casting a POC actor in their 50 year long careers, but according to Liv Ullmann, who…

  • Fire in the Sky

    Fire in the Sky


    If extraterrestrial aliens existed, odds are they wouldn’t be friendly. If they can come here from God knows where and beam us up, I’m willing to bet they’re more intelligent and more evolved—-and as guilty of speciesism as we are, except that we would be on the lower rung of the evolutionary ladder in their beady eyes. They would probably treat us the way we treat animals whose lives most of us don’t deem in equal regard. Alien abductions are…

  • Deep Impact

    Deep Impact


    I confess I saw this a few weeks ago but didn’t log. I don’t think I would have rewatched it tonight, especially after today, a depressing day in America, the fatalism of the catastrophe would’ve been a bit much, but had I also remembered the human drama and the compassion and directness of the government in dealing with the inevitable beforehand, I would probably have changed my mind and rewatched it. This has aged damn well. 

    90s disaster movies play…