Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda ★★★★

So, the reason I haven't really logged new movies is because I'm rewatching so many films recently, and of course I have already written reviews of those, but I don't know why I haven't written a review for this...

How come a film called "Kung Fu Panda" (such a stupid title) is so good?? Okay, not THAT good, I think the story has been done a million times before. It's just a hero's journey, chosen-one narrative basically, in which the villain is a student of the mentor who became evil when he wanted power (Star Wars who?), but I honestly forgive it because the characters are so fun to watch, the music is surprisingly great, the cinematography shines, the colors pop, and the action sequences are so amazing. While simple, I also like the underlying messages of believing in yourself, and how anyone could be special. Sounds cheesy, but I think it works. It's not preachy, or sappy, it just fits. Such a good movie, I can't believe I like it more as an adult compared to when I was a child.


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