Tenet ★★★½

The whole reason I went to go see a movie was so I didn’t have to struggle to understand someone through a mask. Wtf? It’s the Bane shit again. When the conceit and logic of your world relies squarely on expository dialogue, maybe don’t obscure half of it behind ventilators and roaring viscera? Definitely gonna acknowledge that it could have been the acoustics of the theater, but by the final arc, I’d given up trying to interpret what anyone said entirely, and I literally subtitle for a living.

That being said, it’s pretty much like a clean, bloodless, completely apolitical mash-up of Mission: Impossible, Source Code, and Looper. I like all of those things so it worked out. JDW is great, and there were some genuinely white-knuckle moments that gave me an old breath of the awesome power of blockbusters, and blockbusters done by Nolan. I would only deem a repeat viewing necessary due to not comprehension, but the lost words themselves.

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