Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

Well, they pulled off one last success, a victory lap before they have to try really hard to get me into a theater again.

This got steered more into a high school comedy than a normal superhero movie and it really paid off. I think most of the humor landed and didn't feel shoehorned in, which I'll always give credit to an MCU movie for. That said, they also handled the more somber elements fairly well. Zendaya was much better used this time around, I really enjoyed how she played with Tom Holland. I enjoyed seeing Angourie Rice, certainly much better than her Black Mirror episode.

For a while I was worried that Jake Gyllenhaal got wasted on Mysterio, but it turned out to work better than I thought. Without spoiling anything, his character lets the director have a lot of fun, especially visually. There's some really cool setpieces, and since they aren't the main focus they become more engaging.

I don't see anything worth cutting, but it did feel pretty long. If there's anything keeping it at the level of Homecoming or below, it's that. Still a ton of fun.

As an aside, this has the worst Alamo pre-roll I've ever seen. It was miserable.

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