Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy ★★★★★

I like to think that everyone has one movie that they love unconditionally, with no way to quantify how or why it works for them so well. This is mine: I've never been this hard up, I've never been homeless, I've never had a long term pet, but I still connect so deeply to this. There's no score, there's no antagonist, and there's no b-plot. It's all focused on Wendy's struggles in finding her lost dog and just living in general, but instead of feeling hopeless it feels sympathetic. Poverty doesn't discriminate, but people do. There are rules and systems in place that only serve to punish those who have no other options: the food wasn't the issue, the issue was to make himself feel superior while making an example out of someone. "You can't get an address without an address, you can't get a job without a job".

And people at large have no incentive to help people who have to deal with those realities, but just a little compassion can go so far for them. I think that's where this movie is best, showing how having empathy and offering even something insignificant can be all someone needs to make it through a day. In the end Wendy has to make a hard decision, go somewhere uncharted with no comfort or safety net. But it's the small kindnesses of these strangers, something even her family couldn't muster, that helps her get to the point that she can make that decision.

This movie is why I'll watch anything with Michelle Williams, she's perfect in it. It's why I watched a whole filmography despite middling enjoyment. And it's why I'm going to go watch a movie about a cow in theaters when it comes out. I think I like this movie, not totally sure.

(This is, like, an actual piece of writing even though it was still off the cuff. I wasn't expecting this to happen.)

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