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  • Predator



    No change from first viewing, and it's only a 3 because the last 30 minutes are a blast. Before the film becomes a drawn-out scrum between an arrow-slinging mud-slicked Arnold and the insatiable Predator, I have trouble staying awake. Bill Duke is a gem, and that's about it--I can't find any of the sociopolitical commentary or heady jungle atmosphere that others do. McTiernan mostly shoots the commandos between medium and close-ups which fail to capture the density, darkness or heat…

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Lawrence of Arabia


    A man writes his own legend, comes to believe in it as gospel, only to become a heretic against his auto-deification. "The writing is still yours," the Sharif reassures. He doesn't realize Lawrence wishes it could be unwritten.

    A rapturous epic, sweeping vistas and sweeping feelings, with plenty of room for complication. There's no didacticism about colonialism being bad or some such, instead the evil and callous chaos it spreads while the rich and royal shake hands in board rooms…

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  • A Hole in My Heart

    A Hole in My Heart


    Despite its [SCREECHING NOISE] efforts to employ avant- [SOUND CUTS OUT FOR 4 SECONDS, THEN SCREECHING NOISE OVER PIXELATION] garde technique to discuss [REVIEW GOES NIGHTVISION AND SOUND DOESN'T MATCH IMAGE] sexual desire and past trauma and parenting I don [SCREECHING, SCARE CUTS TO VAGINAL SURGERY] 't think A Hole in My Heart succeeds at articulating any of its ideas astutely.

  • Repulsion



    Throw out that fucking rabbit jesus christ