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  • My Neighbors the Yamadas

    My Neighbors the Yamadas


    Chalk it up to me being a crank that I found this delightfully animated, tender, perceptive series of sketches treacly. Like a The Simpsons that isn't funny?

  • Hereditary



    This is being branded with that albatross of "art-horror", I found it to have way more in common with fare like The Conjuring—for better! art-horror is an umbrella to be escaped because it often involves teachiness, reverse engineering story and image to make a specific point. Hereditary just bundles together a handful of common anxieties for the express purpose of scaring the shit out of you, and that's some single-minded devotion I can admire. the diorama images are creepy, the…

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  • A Hole in My Heart

    A Hole in My Heart


    Despite its [SCREECHING NOISE] efforts to employ avant- [SOUND CUTS OUT FOR 4 SECONDS, THEN SCREECHING NOISE OVER PIXELATION] garde technique to discuss [REVIEW GOES NIGHTVISION AND SOUND DOESN'T MATCH IMAGE] sexual desire and past trauma and parenting I don [SCREECHING, SCARE CUTS TO VAGINAL SURGERY] 't think A Hole in My Heart succeeds at articulating any of its ideas astutely.

  • Repulsion



    Throw out that fucking rabbit jesus christ