La La Land

La La Land ★★★★

Hesitating to even wade into "the discourse" on this one but seeing one of the common points hammered by detractors pressed me to ask a question. Is this seriously considered bad dancing? Look, I saw Emma Stone look down at her feet a handful of times too. It would still take me forever to learn to be half as good at these steps. How good are you all at dancing?

More importantly, isn't the primary intent of dancing in musicals (or in, uh, dance) to convey emotion? La La Land hits those marks. While I've enjoyed plenty of Stone performances this is the movie that has finally convinced me she is a movie star. The film rests safely on her magnetism and charisma, and that holds true in the exuberant dance numbers. Technical accomplishment should be highlighted when present, it should never take precedence over emotional sway.