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  • Pierrot le Fou

    Pierrot le Fou


    i just found these notes that i guess i was intending to make into a proper review, but i have to be honest with myself: that's not going to happen. so, here's this, instead:

    i was on board with this film right from the beginning but that moment anna karina says ‘who are you talking to?’ and jean paul belmondo says 'the audience’ i knew this was the film for me. i just love fourth wall breaking so. much.

    anyway, as i said, i loved this. i may not 100% have 'got it’ but i sure loved it. the colours, especially!

  • Detective Story

    Detective Story


    i'm really surprised by how much i liked this. i usually don't like this kind of police procedural story (i suppose that's what it would be called). but everyone turns in a stellar performance and it flows beautifully from one scene to another, from character to character, when it could have easily felt too pieced together. and even the characters you don't spend much time with have a depth to them that i appreciated.

    it's riveting, moving and not at all what i was expecting.

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  • Carol



    Had to listen to One Mint Julep by The Clovers as soon as I got home. Made me very happy to hear it featured!

    I love when movies leave you feeling a little dazed - a little like you've stepped into another world when you leave the cinema - and this definitely did that for me. Made me look at everything differently, even just for a few hours.

    It is achingly beautiful (visually & otherwise); exquisitely shot (on 16mm) it is…

  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    i’m going to see it again so might write more then, but just a few thoughts, for now.

    this was everything i was hoping it would be and more. on top of being a great origin story, exactly what wonder woman deserves, it’s also a good wwi drama. it’s empathetic, funny but shows the sobering reality of a war that was, as steve trevor describes it, a huge mess. oh, and the scenes on themyscira were just glorious.

    gal gadot…