Star Trek V: The Final Frontier ★★½

"I thought you said men like us don't have families."
"I was wrong."

I'll say one thing for this film: it sure left me speechless!

I mean, plenty of people have written about what a mess it is so I won't go into it too much (plus I went out dancing last night and am not in the mood for writing).

There are a couple of nice moments between Spock & Kirk and Spock, Kirk and Bones, some properly funny bits and there are elements I liked but that does not a good movie make.

There are some truly absurd choices made in this movie. (What even was that Uhura fan dance, for one thing?)

I have definitely seen far far worse films, films that were harder to get through, but this was still just...odd. And gave me a lot of secondhand embarrassment.

Going in having read some terrible reviews, I lowered my expectations so much that I will admit I had fun in some parts. But I think my overwhelming impression of the film is that it's baffling, rather than anything else.

Anyway, I'm going to have row row row your boat stuck in my head all bloody day.