Suicide Squad ★★★½

Oof, that was a hot mess. But I had a good time.

There is a lot of wasted potential here, which is a pity, because this could have been something great. It wasn’t but I still enjoyed myself.

Margot Robbie does her best with Harley Quinn and I know there are issues with how she was portrayed but I really loved her. I hope the Harley Quinn spinoff feature still goes ahead - I feel like it will. (Totally predictable thing to say but I’d love to see Jessica Chastain as Poison Ivy - I’ve tried to think of who else I’d love to see as DC’s other ladies but I’m not that imaginative).

And Viola Davis as Amanda Waller was unsurprisingly brilliant. After all the HTGAWM I’ve watched I knew she’d nail it. She’s the backbone of the film and quietly frightening.

There are so many issues to unpack (not just in terms of plot and structure, but in terms of the representation of women and/or POC) and I don't feel up to it, right now, but I like that they tried to do something different here, even if they didn't quite get there. It's easy to see that there was more than one vision for this film and that's where it suffers most.

But, as I said, I had a good time.