The Buddy Holly Story ★★★★

It’s a weird thing that I’d never seen this film before. I love Buddy Holly. I’ve always loved Buddy Holly. His music gets me right here. (The author fists her hand over her heart, for those playing at home). His music was so innovative and it still feels fresh to me (but I can be a bit out of touch so ymmv).

Busey is brilliant as Holly. He’s certainly not as good-looking as the real life Holly but he captures his energy and passion so well. His singing, etc., is fantastic as well. Without him, the film would likely be quite flat as it's not particularly impressive in any other way. But I like that it is understated. I also like that it moves along quite quickly, instead of getting bogged down with little details. I know there are some inaccuracies or dramatisations but they didn't bother me.

I started getting weepy about 20-30 minutes before the end of the film. I’m glad it ends during his final concert - that last freeze frame gave me chills - as it feels more poignant than if we saw him on the plane or his wife getting the call about his death or something like that. The freeze frame with the simple caption stating he died later that night was perfect.

Also I cannot believe this is the same director who made Son-in-Law, a movie I love more than I should (which is probably at all, to be honest).