Iron Sky ★★★

Nazis from the moon. Just that.
Well, not exactly. Because apart from this »Nazis from the moon« tagline, you wouldn't know which kind of movie awaits you. Or would you? [Very mild, »I've seen the trailer« spoilers ahead.]

So, »Iron Sky« is a political satire, most of the time not too subtle (read: not subtle at all), about Nazi Germany, about the US, and about the UN. The new Führer-to-be invades the campaign of the US president still-to-be with his 1930s Nazi mindset. But just then, when he's on track on becoming the new World Führer, the old and current one of the Third Moon Reich lands on earth with his Nazi Zeppelins.

Full of serious, but most of the time not-so-serious world order criticism embedded in an over the top stupid Nazi world domination parody with sci-fi outer space elements – and a lovely Julia Dietze. Not a intellectual flick, but a fun one. But better watch it in the original language.