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  • Trainspotting



    This was sick

  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    Rough start followed by an incredible middle followed by a weird as fuck ending.

    The dialogue is weirdly stilted in the scenes where it’s supposed to be most natural (btwn cassius and detroit, and his friends). Though this could be an editing issue.

    The middle bit where it’s focused on just cassius as he moves up in the company is what I wanted this whole movie to be: truly tight and confidently directed, visually clear and carefully composed, every element…

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  • The Love Witch

    The Love Witch


    “All of the women I’m attracted to physically... they’re never bright enough. And all the bright ones are too homely and don’t arouse me.”
    “That seems like QUITE a problem”


    Obviously this is a visual and aesthetic feat but it could have been 20-30 minutes shorter without losing anything. I appreciate the feminist revisionism Biller is going for but I wish we meandered around the point less. Also so many of the lines are hilarious on paper but something…