The Book of Henry

The Book of Henry ½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

My "favorite" moments from watching The Book of Henry:

-an 11 year old trades stocks over a payphone during recess
-a kid suddenly gets a brain tumor, but apparently had a well-developed contingency plan for after his death
-Sarah Silverman is romantically interested in an 11 year old, kisses him on the lips
-Naomi Watts says fuck in a movie I thought was rated PG
-an 11 year old walk into a room and yells 'damn it Janice'
-Naomi Watts plays the ukulele and sings until you cannot physically look at the screen anymore
-a boy's dying wish is for his mother to kill their neighbor
-Naomi Watts angrily plays Gears of War
-Naomi Watts sadly plays Gears of War
-'we are not murdering the police commissioner and that is final'
-mountain dew product placement
-I think child protective services murdered someone in cold blood?
-literally everything that happens in the gun store
-Colin Trevorrow is directing Star Wars Episode 9

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