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  • Pictures of the Old World

    Pictures of the Old World


    simple but humanistic, blue but playful, it's just so calming to watch. "well, if i'm alone, i'm alone. i sob my heart out and i laugh. it's okay as it is."

  • The Green Ray

    The Green Ray


    Delphine's isolation/loneliness has grown out of her self-esteem issues, her inability to connect with others and express herself so it felt a bit shallow to portray romantic love as her only and ultimate solution. i think it captured perfectly how layered aloneness is so i really didn't understand this obsession with finding a man. but i loved how sweet, fragile and soft-spoken she was and how she managed to articulate some of the things i've been waiting to meet with in a film. i especially liked the way it handled her constant need to burst out crying, even during a normal conversation.

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  • The Fire Within

    The Fire Within


    You're life itself. But I can't touch you. It's horrible. You're here in front of me, but there's no way.

    i once had almost the exact same thoughts while talking to a person full of brightness and the café scene happens to me weekly. the dialogues, Satie's music, the raw visualizations of individual detachment and isolation were slowly merging together until it all felt too personal for me to bear. i could see it was also very personal for Malle. he didn't commit suicide, he made a film instead. it's a work born out of desperation and that's what makes it so authentic.

  • Repulsion



    mood: catherine deneuve washing her mouth out after a man kisses her