Rocketman ★★★½

a lot better than i expected! a phrase i could use to describe this movie: a better bohemian rhapsody. but i did thoroughly enjoy it!

one scene in the movie that struck me was in fact the opening scene with him as a child imagining himself dancing with his neighbors; elton is highlighted and saturated while everything else in the scene is grey. this movie has a lot of interesting editing ideas and concepts that it puts in, such as seeing him as a child at the bottom of a pool that he's drowning in or making him look like he's taking off as a rocket off the stage and in the next scene his hair is smoking. it was a great way of showing his creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, and i really liked it!

i do have complaints; the storyline gets a bit too cliche. like oh there's an attractive young manager who seperates the artist from his friends bc gay? and then it turns toxic but he can't leave.. like ok
also there were some part where the singing was a little cringey? like they would sing lyrics of a song to each other in the middle of a conversation to start the song bahah it was kinda dumb

and also omg my biggest pet peeve of these movies... i guarentee you elton john didn't sit down at his piano and think up "rocketman" in one sitting all the chords AND lyrics like cmon chief. no. the same thing happened in bo rhap like no freddie mercury didn't just come up with bohemian rhapsody on the spot like huh?

we're in a weird phase where filmmakers are pumping out biopics about musicians to hit the nostaligia nerve in every adult: this, bo rhap, bruce springsteen, that one beatles movie. this is one of the better ones lol.

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