Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★★

I totally enjoyed this. Especially Kurt Russell's luscious hair.
But seriously these scuzzy little thrillers aren't made anymore, everything has to cost $200 million to make and then it's a failure if it doesn't make $400 million at the box office.
To make myself clear what I mean by scuzzy is dirty, dark, intimate small scale films. I certainly don't mean badly made, Escape from New York is really well put together, maybe if I thought about it for a second I could come up with some things that don't make sense, but why would I do that? I have a friend who hates Raiders of the Lost Ark because Indiana Jones makes no difference to the plot, the Nazis still get the Ark. But so what? it's so much fun to watch him, why would you deny yourself that entertainment by worrying about plot?
Anyway this is a tight, sleek film with a fantastic anti-hero with the best name and some great character actors to help him on his way.
They will almost certainly remake this, but I just hope to God they don't give Snake Plissken a soppy back story, I love that he just comes fully formed with the eye patch and the attitude. It's never explained why everyone knows who he is or why they think he's dead. Don't fuck that up future Hollywood!
Okay basically I really liked it and should I watch Escape to L.A?

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