Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★★★

I wonder if more of their problems could have been solved if they went to bed sooner.

But on a serious note: Zendaya and John David are two amazing actors stuck in a repetitive and exhausting script. I can't tell if the lack of setting and change does this film justice or not. I definitely will be revisiting it at another time. The discourse around this being about Sam Levinson's reaction to his own criticism also did not sit right with me and might have dampened my view of things, as well. I really didn't like Levinson using John David as a mouthpiece for his own criticism, while making it out to be narrative of the experiences of black filmmaker. 

All in all, I just think the meaning of it kinda becomes lost about halfway through and you're left as confused and stagnant as the relationship itself. The acting from Zendaya and John David Washington leaves you speechless for different reasons throughout.

The cinematography and music are beautiful!

I just need a revisit to contain my views on this.

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