On the Count of Three

On the Count of Three ★★★★

I almost turned this off near the beginning because, even though I like dark films, this subject matter was stressful to me personally.

Jerrod Carmichael is great as Val and as director, he creates a really interesting visual and emotional texture. The moments that are funny are welcome and Christopher Abbott can be both hilarious and deep. Henry Winkler’s role was disturbing, mostly because there are people like this in real life everywhere. 

People are calling this “tender” — it’s sad. The resolution made me sad. I think it will sit with me for a while. 

Abbott, as usual, is fantastic. I can’t say enough about him. He is fascinating to watch in everything he does. And in this film, I thought he hit complex notes around mental illness that could easily be over-played. He also sports a (corduroy?) color block puffer coat and grey sweatpants... classic.

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