Finsterworld ★★★★

Somewhere between a sylvan paradise lost and a realpolitik nightmare come true lies Finsterworld's Germany. Its fantastical inhabitants feel so familiar, it's uncanny. They're neighbors, fathers and boys you went to school with. As a film that seems to be first and foremost made for Germans, Finsterworld's captures the German condition from apathy and weak-willed affection to quiet malice and desperation so well and so astutely, many will reject it. It hits too close to home. Perhaps we should bury that movie deep in the forest where nobody will ever find it. Or perhaps we should allow its haunting veracity to breathe. Perhaps we should see the slow evil, quiet desperation, fleeting bliss and strangeness that is Germany and which Finsterworld depicts so well, and see it as a cause for self-reflection not resignation. A point of departure, and not defeat.