A Subconscious Stream ★★★★★

You know when you just can’t believe you words you're writing?

Today i lost my brother.

Eli was the most heartwarming charming and elegant soul, he taught me so much about cinema art and everything in this world. I remember when we would rabbit for so long he'd and i would fall asleep with out rabbit streams open and in the morning we'd be like "hey.." hahah, we would cry with laughter on the mic to "Nathan for you" and scream with fear watching "inside". I'll never forget the support and inspiration you gave to me and this community as a filmmaker, you always inspired so many people around you but would never understand the way people felt towards you, the amount of love they showed. I remember one time you got drunk and called me at 12am and told me you loved me, then you were like "lets rabbit soon, how about now.." hahaha. I remember i could talk to you about anything, you would tell me how you nearly broken your computer creating this film and id watch it and be like yo DUDE it was worth it, haha.

Word can never express the love inspiration and kindness you gave to this world, words will never express how much im crying whilst writing this, words will never express how much i will miss texting you about a film "leaking" and you'd be like "i saw it last week haha."
Words can never express my love for you my brother.

It's almost crazy the amount of people that have reached out to spread their stories of you, the amount of fans and friends you had is a testament to angelic soul you were.

Your dedication to cinema and creating art has inspired this community for decades. You would never talk badly about anyone, your goal was to spread art love and kindness and thats excatly what you did.

Having a best friend and a brother leave this world like you have, breaks my heart.
But i think we all know eli was too great for this world, he was everything i could never be, everything i ever want to be and everything i admired.

My best friend
My brother
My inspiration
My hero

You thought you were a "Nobody" but you were always more than just a somebody.

I can imagine eli's reponse up in heaven would be:

"no, u"

Hope those cocktails with your father Stanley Kubrick and Jonas Mekas are sweet bro.

i will never forget you.

Always love and peace.

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