All These Sleepless Nights

All These Sleepless Nights ★★★★★

" You know what's amazing?
When you sleep next to someone and alter your breath to match theirs"

I've been excited about this film for about 9months, I've tried to change my IP address to watch it, I've tried paying on random sites just to see it, I've probably told every person I know how much I want to see it. For all that was it worth it?


Probably the best observation of adolescence, being young having fun.
Everything you feel during late adolescence.
It's a viewing of the time where you are finding your identity you are finding who you are, what you like what you enjoy, rather than teenage life, the inbetween where you are 17-21 where you are kind of a adult? But kind of not?
Therefore you are kind of floating around the world looking for yourself, this film follows 2 friends wondering around looking for life, dancing enjoying themselves, it shows how they grow through relationships and friendships and which areas they float into.

These years are rarely observed in cinema and shown in a beautiful way, and this film expresses those areas in such a fantastic way.

It's been a couple of hours and I've slept. And I'm now watching it again.

It succeed my expectations.

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