As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty ★★★★★

" I understand animals, i understand cats and dogs but i do not understand people "
I've never heard such a beautiful more relevant quote.

The most beautiful showing of life and beauty.
"nothing happens in this movie"

The fact the runtime is a big one, scares off many film viewers but the simplicity of the film makes for such a beautiful viewing.
Jonas displays his life through his eye, he takes you on a journey of his memories and moments. He talks about his children "She is currently watching a movie in a hotel in Brooklyn" and how the film is just as much for them as any other viewer.
The achievement of putting rolls of film together to make something so touching and extraordinary is outstanding.
He gets to view his memories and his life anytime he wants, the editing of the written in messages is perfect and tells you things about him as a person.
" And whats important to me may be totally unimportant to you,"
This tells us everything, this tells us he understands to some people this must just be home videos put together but to him its more than that. To him its life and journeys through the 9years, the things that happen the places he visits the beauty he sees he gets to relive that by watching it all back.
Imaging filming your life for 9years and just being able to go back and remember those moments in front of you instead of photographs. I have never seen anything like this, let alone done it a touching and beautiful manor.

The scene on the boat where he says " and some glimpses of happiness and beauty come my way" is by far the most touching. He's saying that although life is life, beauty and happiness come his way occasionally, hence the title.

I managed to watch in 2 parts which i found a better source of viewing, it keeps you thinking about the film and everything it means while losing will over the duration.

i believe that many filmmakers would be inspired by this level of creativity and beauty, it for me is at the peak of experimental art. The super 8 footage is tremendously beautiful with so many shots ill never forget still in my mind.

Like the shots of happiness and beauty ill never forget this film.

Thankyou jonas for making this beautiful art and you inspire me everyday of my life, and for that I'll never thankyou enough.

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