Before Sunrise ★★★★½

What a beautiful romantic film.
I feel its a classic and a real romantic film.
A touching story about a couple who meet on a train, and spend a night in vienna.

Considering there is basically only these two characters, they keep you intrigued keep you going every minute of the film.
The settings brilliant for a romantic adventure and you are intrigued to see where they go, what they do.

I find romantic films usually very hard to get right, i feel woody allen has mastered the romantic genre with the few romantic films I've seen of his, but richard linklater i feel has a lot of reality to his films they are always heart warming and has crafted this film in a beautiful manor with every scene feels heartfelt and touching, its written beautifully.

Ethan hawke proves he's a great underrated versatile actor and i think we all fall in love with julie watching this.

Im a big fan of his since i loved boyhood, so i was interested to see more of his films after i'd only seen 2 and I'm so glad i did.

A beautiful romantic adventure i can't wait to finish the trilogy.

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