Enemy ★★★★★


Every single frame is orchestrated beautifully with strong symbolism in every scene.
The cinematography has a david fincher vibe with a very dark undertone.
I had to watch a 30minute explanation to try and get my head round this piece of art.
I found it to be chilling and incredible, it makes you transfixed from the moment it starts.
I feel for cinema viewers it would of been a intense experience especially because of the ending.
i mean denis is a absolute genius and a extremely creative director.

Jake Gyllenhaal is my favourite actor working today.

I'm astonished he did nightcrawler, prisoners and this in the space of 2years and didn't get any recognition from the academy, i know oscars aren't a justification of a brilliant actor but he god damn deserves it he great in this as every role he does.

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