Niandra ★★★★★

Cinema is not only a escapism for many, but it is also a relatable tool.

I've just finished watching this again, and i find myself relating to so much.

Gus has made such a stunning film, i feel honoured and proud to have him as such a good buddy.

I've been through the stages of breakup and trying to move on where you close your eyes and all you can picture is that person and how the breakup or how things ended, is all that your mind can think about, shout about, scream about.

I've wanted to burn my memories with that person, i've wanted to cut the ever-growing footage of memories that would play in my brain over and over just constantly restarting, playing over and over.

i also learnt in those moments, friendships and surrounding love is the only thing that can help you, its like when we are infatuated by someone or deeply in love with someone its like our logical views are blocked off, and we fly and jump instead of walking. The way Gus reflects these situations into his film is utterly tremendous, so subtle so beautiful and something in someway every person can see and relate to.

I've been at those parties where you have to take some space to sit outside and all you can think about is that person who broke your heart, how you wish you would rewind.

Love is a cruel part of life.

Not only does Gus perfectly show these things in "Niandra" but he does it with his actors so naturally, so beautifully, in a way which feels like you are there with them experiencing those moments in time.

Edvin's cinematography is absolutely sensational, and sets such a beautiful tone.

Not only is this my favourite short of 2018, but honestly one of my favourite shorts.

So proud.

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