Skate Kitchen ★★★★★

So you just come up here on roofs and look down on people?

Yeah its my 7th time...

This is my favourite movie of the year, not only because its a wonderful film but also because it captures skateboarding culture so realistically, something that hasn't really been captured in a narrative effect before(i havent seen mid90s yet), its also so refreshing to see it from a girl skaters point of view, and the things we experience are similar.

When i was around 14-15 i started skating, because a new skatepark had opened up near by, i was awful as everyone is when they start.
There was a crew that used to chill and get tricks, make videos, and were so sick. I spent everyday after school getting better, trying to like make my way into the cool gang, the "crew" i spent so much of my time on my own trying to learn tricks following youtube tutorials, if you ever think about doing that haha dont.

After some time like a couple months skating everyday, i made some buddies in the crew i spent every single day trying to get better, trying to be in the videos, trying to be "cool" be a good skater etc, i finally kinda found a place in the crew we'd hang out everyday man, wear what the fuck we wanted, watch what we wanted, we didnt care about society, we didnt care about the world.
Being at school was a hard time for me in stages, i got bullied(like most of us) so finding a crew or something to take me away from the pressures of teenage life was just everything.

The world felt so free.

During this time, all id do is want to skate, and my parents were similar to camille's mum, they wanted to take my board away, and ground me for staying out "late" etc, which in retrospect i can understand, but i feel so closely to camilles experience because it was so similar to mine, i honestly had so many fights with my parents and stayed elsewhere, just so i could skate, my parents just didnt get it.

I think because of my experience this film has such a personal connection to me, i feel everything about camille's life i wanted to find a crew or people i could hang around with, i wanted to have a passion or a "sport" like other kids my age, i found so much about the world coming from skateboarding, i found music, i found art, i found my friends, i found my life, i was so self conscious before finding people who lifted me up.

Skateboarding ultimately took me away from every bit of shit i had in my life, growing up and continues to help me get through the shit adult life.

Theres also something about being around people who are looking to escape from their problems as well as you, which makes every moment more special, more meaningful.

I spent so much time thinking id always be skating, id always have everyday of my life with these buddies skating ruling the world.
Life happens dude, like i still skate as much as i can but im never as good as i used to be, my buddies are so busy and we've all changed paths we dont have that "crew" anymore.

i first saw it back in june, meeting some of the girls was the greatest, they were so modest, im so proud of how well this film has done. Im so glad people who dont skate can relate and enjoy the film as well.

It captures youth in the essence of Kids which is fucking hard to pull off.

Ultimately yeah this film is legit.

Skate or dieee

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