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  • Monster



    It's insane that something as basic to human existence as the right to happiness is still not allowed to everyone in this day and age. Not enough is said about how raising children with distorted concepts and making them suffer simply for being different is not just wrong or toxic, it’s criminal and can - and does - have cruel consequences for their lives.

    This story is told in a surprising and beautiful way in the best Rashomon style. Even though I liked Perfect Days, imo Monster should’ve been the Japanese selection to compete for the Academy Award. I absolutely loved everything about it.

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  • Anatomy of a Fall

    Anatomy of a Fall


    This was quite an experience. It starts looking like a mystery story, but gradually the viewer experiences the most intimate, deep and painful familiar details. We see that under the scrutiny of strangers, with all our mistakes, failures, and mental health exposed, we can be judged as monsters. But the truth is we are only human.

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  • The Zone of Interest

    The Zone of Interest


    This isn't about the banality of evil or how the Nazis were monsters. It's about making it clear that all the atrocities in human history, including the worst of all, were committed by ordinary people. The more I think about the layers and symbolism in this film, the more it shocks me.

    Humans tend to build walls, also metaphorical ones, to keep living in a dream and ignore what happens around them. Therefore, the film's contrast between the overcompensation of…

  • Four Daughters

    Four Daughters


    This documentary tells the story of Olfa and her daughters, two of whom are no longer with the family for “certain” reasons. The events are told in interviews and also reenacted by actors representing the two absent girls and other characters. This causes some really awkward situations. At one point, one of the real daughters tells the actor who plays her stepfather how much she hates him, with a sharp knife in her hand. The guy really scared himself shitless…

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  • Robot Dreams

    Robot Dreams


    You know the feeling of being sad and alone and suddenly finding your perfect match? It could be a beloved pet, a best friend, a boyfriend or girlfriend. And then the fear of losing that loved one and thinking that your reason for existing may disappear? Robot Dreams makes you feel all of this and much more. I felt loneliness, excitement, despair, hope, and tears from my heart – and my eyes, realizing that one can feel fulfilled even when things…