Morbius ★★★★★

It astounds me how genuinely terrible every single scene is. It's honestly impressive that they managed to make a film this bad. I struggle to think of a blockbuster with a script worse than this. It feels like a rough draft that wasn't proofread.

"To bats it's deadly but to humans it's lethal" how tf did that make it into the final film.

This film fascinates me. It's such a miserable failure on all accounts that I'm just can't help but be in awe of it's existence. It's the antithesis of Everything Everywhere All At Once. I can't believe a movie this awful, flavorless, lazy, and desperate actually exists. Plenty of other movies have been these things before, but Morbius is a tragedy unlike any other.

I just wanna deconstruct this pathetic disaster and really pin down what went wrong with every single scene.

This movie does almost nothing right. It is the perfect example of what not to do in a film. Truly something special.

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