Upgrade ★★★★

If Robocop and John Wick had a baby, out would pop this film. Such a fun and dark and purely fun revenge tale. There is a whole lot of fun and combined with the dark tone of the story it makes for a brutally entertaining time.

At first impression, this is a very cheesy film with lots of bloody action. In actuality the story has some very emotional beats and is a commentary on the dangers of AI taking control of human life. When I said this film was dark I meant it, stuff happens to the main character that have a hard impact on the rest of the film. The set up is well done, but it takes a little while to get going. Once things get going, they get going in really fun and interesting way. Pretty much everything after the set up is when things speed up and has way more fun.

The action is really fun and I wanted so much more of it. The camerawork during the fight scenes felt like something new and it really locked me into the fight. There were some very engaging hand to hand combat sequences that were graphic, bloody, and purely fun. The chase sequences are fun, could've used a little more of what the hand to hand combat action used which was new and inventive ways to do an action sequence.

Upgrade was so much fun, I'm kind of upset I missed this in the theaters when it released, would have been loads of fun. Also, Logan Marshall-Green does really great in this film despite the fact that I actually thought this was Tom Hardy at first.

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