Straight Up ★★★★

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I think the cleverness and the charismatic energy of the movie not only comes from the extraordinary script but also with the great acting and amazing chemistry of James Sweeney and Katie Findlay, which is heavily supported by James directing. It reminds me a lot like Xavier Dolan when he makes his movies and sometimes he interprets his character with his vision and perspective from it. And this is what makes Straight Up so great! It comes with the vision of his director and writer as same as the actor and the character. Which makes this movie even more powerful, because it all feels personal and too real. Which in a way is so truthful and original, regarding the themes that it tries to present.

The biggest takeaway from the film is, absolutely, the idea of finding yourself when your emotions are not helping you. The idea of presenting the dyscontrol of sexual identity is so fascinating because it is a criticism, not only to straight or gay dating but to dating and labels in general. The truth is, you don't need to find yourself to find love. And you don't need to find love to find yourself. And sometimes it works out but sometimes it doesn’t, but that's okay. 😌 Just live your life "day by day, and if it's too much, minute by minute, and if that's too much, then second by second" -Skam

I also want to enforce what I said about the mix of direction, writing, and acting. Because you see the story is so powerful that it connects and transcends. The shots feel like the characters. The settings are composed as the character's feelings of despair and hopelessness, how the shots are so symmetrical to convey that we live in a world that we hope to complete ourselves, find our missing half in a world that we are supposed to fit in (and where society makes us fit in or just be part of something). But the reality is that people are not shapes (sorry for the bad analogy, it felt right in my head). We are not exact figures, and if we were, the world wouldn't have emotion nor purpose. That's what makes us humans, our imperfections. People can't get their emotions straight and their feelings are not the same as the character's intelligence or attitude. You don't have to be someone or fulfill yourself with fakeness to be happy. And it is probably a cliche but its true. Live in the moment.

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