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23. Actor. Theatre/film graduate of James Madison University. I mostly watch #horror but I'll enjoy pretty much anything. he/him

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  • Climax
  • Scream
  • Raw
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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  • 13: The Musical

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  • They/Them


    The Ryan Murphyification of Sleepaway Camp

    Imagine wasting a title and premise as great as "a slasher set at a conversion camp called They Slash Them" on a movie this fucking toothless and lame. This could have been campy fun, like But I'm A Cheerleader with gore, or it could have been a subversive act of queer rage, like Sleepaway Camp without the baked-in transphobia. Instead, it's neither. It's a movie about how apparently the correct response to seeing someone…

  • Love



    From the early reviews out of Cannes to recent TikTok challenge that caused a resurgence in the film's popularity, I think Love is a wildly misunderstood film. It's so much more self-aware than people give it credit for, and it's definitely not an accident that Noé's two self-inserts (the literal one and the thematic one) are both shitty people. The most intimate thing about this movie isn't the sex, it's how deeply confessional it is. The "villians" (whether protagonist or…

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  • Resurrection



    Finally, fulfilling a childhood dream of seeing a creepy indie horror movie at the rundown art house theatre where as a ten year old I would freak myself out by staring at the posters for creepy indie horror movies while I was playing in Pokémon card tournaments at the hobby shop next door.

    I like my diary entries to paint a picture.

    I previously saw Resurrection when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this past January and I could tell…

  • Day Shift

    Day Shift


    One of those agressively fine movie you put on in the background and have a decent time with but forget you watched it by the next day. The action and performances are fun, but the script is pretty painfully generic and filled with blatant exposition dumps.

    Mostly just watched for my TV legends Karla Souza and Eric Lange.

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  • X



    Well that fucking ruled.

    I went into this just expecting a 70's throwback from the Wes Craven school of "give 'em a scare, give 'em a hard-on, send 'em home" slashers, basically a porno Texas Chain Saw, and it absolutely is, but it's also so much more than that.

    Don't get me wrong, if you're looking for sex, gore, and nudity, you will be very satisfied with X. There is an incredible amount of all of that on display here:…

  • 13: The Musical

    13: The Musical

    Look, I know most of you follow me for my horror movie reviews, but as I love to mention, I was (and to be honest, still am) a theatre kid. When I was in middle school in the early 2010's I absolutely loved the original Broadway version of 13: The Musical.

    Besides the songs being catchy as hell, it was edgy enough that it didn't feel like it was talking down to you. It still kinda felt like a DCOM, but…