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This review may contain spoilers.

I have absolutely no idea what to say about this film or really this trilogy as a whole, I am just blown away honestly and I think I may have just discovered the greatest trilogy, and greatest portrayal of love, that I have ever seen.
Don't get me wrong though, Before Midnight is just gruelling at times, where the other two seemed to fly by in no time as you get swept up in these characters and their conversations, this one hits you with a 30 minute argument sequence that feels like it will never end, and I mean that in the best way possible. The reality presented in this film feels so painfully just like that, reality, and yet in the end there does remain that sliver of hope that the love between these two does still exist in some form, just one different to that presented in Before Sunrise and Sunset, but not one that's any less valid despite what you might feel during the hotel scene.
The performances in this film from Hawke and Delpy are just on another level as they so perfectly put across all of the complex emotions that they go through as the film progresses. This one also spends a lot more time away from Jesse and Celine, where the first two focused almost solely on the interactions and conversations between the two, showing how they interact with others while they're apart and giving some focus to other characters, really putting the emphasis on the fact that these characters have now spent years together and cannot be the absolute sole focus of each others lives the way they could over the limited time they had to spend together in Sunrise and Sunset, but the same passion for the two central characters that Linklater, Hawke and Delpy have still comes through just the same.
I can just tell that these are films that I'll be rewatching for years to come and gaining new perspectives and interpretations each time, they are truly beautiful feats of filmmaking that all fit together so perfectly.

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