Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★½

I didn’t watch this expecting to get any sort of fix of wholesome content, but that babysitter and the lady at the synagogue... two absolute QUEENS who give us absolutely no other option but to stan.

Pretty mixed overall on this though, some really great satire here with some truly fantastic moments that feel straight out of the original, and also a few jokes that just felt too “easy”, and some spells where it felt like none of the jokes were landing. But then it’d hit me with a really hilarious sequence or some truly frightening looks at American culture (that Rudy Giuliani scene though 😳)

Because I feel so 50/50 on it I feel like the sensible rating here would be a 5/10, right down the middle, but this may rise to a 6 due to how smart and relevant the satire was when it was firing.

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