But I'm a Cheerleader

But I'm a Cheerleader ★★★★½

10 reasons this movie should be essential viewing for everyone:

1. It’s one of the most genuinely honest and heartfelt portrayals of homosexuality ever put to screen.

2. It’s utterly absurd and borderline surrealist approach to humour make it absolutely hilarious and endlessly quotable.

3. Rock.

4. RuPaul playing an “Ex-gay” in a “Straight Is Great” T-shirt.

5. The performances are just the right amount of campy and goofy, and heartfelt and honest when they need to be.

6. It’s not afraid to pull any punches. Behind the shiny and campy exterior are some really brutal commentaries on homophobia and conversion therapy.

7. “NO! Foreplay is for SISSIES! REAL men go in, unload and pull out!!!”

8. Rock, again.

9. One of the gay men in the cabin looks exactly like a former colleague of mine who was a classic example of a toxic masculinity “lad” type.

10. Julie Delpy as the “lipstick lesbian”.

Yeah, this is a testament to how good a movie can be when it has creative people behind it who care about the story and the characters. Made on a minimal budget but the heart, care and creativity make this so watchable, and it has several hilarious laugh-out-loud moments.

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