Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

This was a really beautiful and poignant film about acceptance, and learning to live with whatever life throws at you. Being dealt a massive life-changing event leaves a person with two options: strive to return to the normality of the life you’re used to, or learn to live with and accept the new life you’re given. That debate is firmly at the heart of this film, and Riz Ahmed’s character, as he struggles to adapt to deafness and longs to heal and return to his old life as quickly as possible. And this arc beautifully culminates in an incredibly heartbreaking and powerful final act, and such an emotional final scene. Riz Ahmed is just outstanding in this and the sound design makes for one of the most immersive audio-visual experiences of the last few years, I’m only disappointed I didn’t get to see this in cinema.

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