Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★

Took some time to get going but once the entire crew gets together and starts their interactions with one another, this is a barrel o fun. The action sequences themselves are not very good - fairly derivative and bordering on boring at times. But what makes them work is two-fold: 1) the banter between the characters in between the punches and 2) later on in the film, the visuals become quite impressive.

I'm not as sold on Chris Pratt as everyone else is. I think he's fine, but frankly he's not as charismatic as Han or Capt Mal (both of which the character is clearly aping).

All in all, lots of good stuff in here and lots of good stuff for everyone. The humor is great, the grammar police stuff with Bautista's character is great. The CGI raccoon looks amazing and all of these things blending together in the end, more than won me over. Probably won't rewatch anytime soon, but I'm certainly in for the sequel.

As of the writing of this review (8/2/14), it is currently just missing my top ten and popping into the year's ranking at #11.