Magic Mike ★★★★

The trailer tries to hook the ladies with images of a shirtless Matthew McConaughey and the promise of a cute romance between an unlikely, but somehow adorable couple. Well, the movie delivers on half of that promise; and what a relief, because I was not looking forward to a cookie-cutter romance film. It's Steven Soderbergh; I should've known better.

Somewhat glamorizing an industry that probably shouldn't be glamorized is kind of what makes the movie refreshing. The plot is pretty simple, but the backend of a men's stripping joint is pretty captivating for some reason.

The choreography is terrific and Soderbergh really chooses to show off a lot of it. Tatum has really come to impress over his last three films and rather than being the pretty boy, meathead that he appeared to be at first glance, actually seems to have some really talent and smarts. McConaughey is back in top condition and plays the part as over the top as it can be without getting ridiculous (think Tom Cruise in Magnolia.

This one is certainly a keeper and worth a rewatch.