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  • The Greasy Strangler

    The Greasy Strangler


    I loved this film before I'd even seen it. The trailer alone gave me so much joy, to the point that I couldn't stop laughing for at least 13 minutes after seeing it. I was almost apprehensive that the movie itself wouldn't live up to that.

    But it does. Whoever cut that trailer didn't really give anything away to dull the full-length experience. I laughed so hard at one point I literally went dizzy and thought I was going to faint. It's that good.

    Bravo to the actors for letting themselves be put through all that.

    Bullshit artist.

  • Spasmo



    Great title. Better poster. Decent giallo.

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  • Brexit: The Movie

    Brexit: The Movie

    Not so much a movie about Brexit as it is a feature-length propaganda piece built around capitalist fantasies of industrial deregulation.

    Director/writer Martin Durkin also serves as our on-screen guide. His ‘documentary’ work to date is a strange bedfellow to his Revolutionary Communist political activism – this is the same Martin Durkin that brought the world the much-derided and debunked The Great Global Warming Swindle in 2007, before trying to defend it against experts’ criticisms with such insightful arguments as…

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    Superman guest-stars in his own sequel, a film that seems to hate him as much as it fetishises him as a god, while simultaneously being much more interested in Batman - a character better served entirely too recently by the Bale/Nolan trilogy.

    Zach Snyder continues his downward trajectory from promising young director to new Michael Bay, proving once again that Dawn of the Dead is his best film to date. He manages to deliver another stodgy, loud, unsatisfying, boring missed…