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  • Rampage



    There are many sequences in Rampage that are properly exciting, and I am 8 years old again.
    This fact + The Rock = a giant monster movie that's totally worth your time.

  • Monkey Farm

    Monkey Farm

    Monkey Farm is awful on every level, but 20 minutes in it does at least have the distinction of being the least likely source I'd have expected of a Mighty Boosh in-joke.

    To paraphrase one character, "Don't watch the Monkey Farm..."

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  • Brexit: The Movie

    Brexit: The Movie

    Not so much a movie about Brexit as it is a feature-length propaganda piece built around capitalist fantasies of industrial deregulation.

    Director/writer Martin Durkin also serves as our on-screen guide. His ‘documentary’ work to date is a strange bedfellow to his Revolutionary Communist political activism – this is the same Martin Durkin that brought the world the much-derided and debunked The Great Global Warming Swindle in 2007, before trying to defend it against experts’ criticisms with such insightful arguments as…

  • mother!



    It's like Dario Argento in his prime was asked to remake and extend the sequence in the first Hobbit film where the dwarves descend on Bag End, in the spirit of Saving Private Ryan. They really make a mess of that house.