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  • The Staircase

    The Staircase


    🎶 Everybody knows the good guys lost. Everybody knows the fight was fixed. The poor stay poor, the rich get rich, that’s how it goes! Everybody knows! 🎶

    Netflix’s always offers some of the best documentary shows out there and once again, finding myself binge-watching a full 13 episodes series within a matter of days, it offers a easy flowing ground intriguing circumstance, that’s taken nearly 20 years in the making, following a high profile case during the early 00’s,…

  • Hereditary



    I don’t think, I’ve been this divided-on a movie in long time…it’s both refreshing and frustrating at the same time, I’m trying to best examine my feelings towards to “Hereditary” that will help myself, and maybe someone has same confliction after viewing the flick.

    Here goes I guess…….

    My reaction after viewing

    Hereditary offers the exactly type of horror that fucking love seeing in cinemas, a ground simple concept with normal people that a situation gets out of control,…

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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Director David Fincher returns to our screens with the writer of the novel/screenplay Gillian Flynn that have truly delivered, an outstanding edge grabbing mystery thriller called “Gone Girl” it’s tense, hilarious, dark natured and haunting. The best way to compare the film is American Psycho meets Prisoners; it’s beautifully filmed and composed, I never felt bored the long runtime of nearly three hours. The casting portrayals was spot on from the book with Ben Affleck, proving himself once again from…

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    The best way to sum up my feelings, my expectations, my passive for seeing something so special, that light can once again, be found from the depths of the dark ways....A new hope for a brighter future, in cinema history once again, for a film called "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

    Without saying any spoilers and too perfectly mark my 500th feature film viewing, well...."Chewy, we're home!"

    Star Wars, welcome back old friend!