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  • Rotterdam 2040

    Rotterdam 2040


    Worth viewing for archive footage alone and mainly as prep for an upcoming trip to Rotterdam. Absolutely packed with information, yet targeted at viewers who know already something of the city's history, layout, and architecture.

  • Spell Reel

    Spell Reel


    A great film that is, at once, an account of the digitization of the much damaged Guinea-Bissau film archives; a history of a group of filmmakers, sent by Cabral to be trained in Cuba, who documented the struggle for decolonization and the early years of independence; an account of the tour of the restored material around the country in 2013-14 with commentary by one of the original filmmakers, Sada Na N'Hada and the testimony of those who viewed it; a…

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  • All That Heaven Allows

    All That Heaven Allows


    Watched this film for the millionth time and it remains as perfect as ever.