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  • Dead Slow Ahead

    Dead Slow Ahead


    remarkable, mesmerizing film. sound design especially superb. add to list of films (hutton's at sea, especially) that take an experimental approach to the representation of life on board freighters/container ships. but there's also a way in which the whole thing assumes a scifi atmosphere, with the immensity of the engine room and cargo hold, and the sense of catastrophe and catastrophe adverted when the hull begins to leak.

  • Ako



    Available for free through the NFB website because it is part of an omnibus film that also includes works by Michel Brault, Jean Rouch, and Gian Vittorio Baldi. An unusual but enchanting short about a young Japanese woman whose dull working life is offset by adventures with a group of friends. It is not all carefree, though, as she comes under sexual threat from a friend of a friend when their car breaks down and they go off to find…

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  • All That Heaven Allows

    All That Heaven Allows


    Watched this film for the millionth time and it remains as perfect as ever.

  • Electro-Pythagorus (a portrait of Martin Bartlett)

    Electro-Pythagorus (a portrait of Martin Bartlett)


    Highly recommended and available via MUBI for the next three weeks or so. Fits with earlier Fowler works in the way it presents archive footage, images, and audio accompanied by a voice-over drawn from the subject's own notes, diaries, and even application for promotion. Worth it for the shots of SFU alone (Canada's most picturesque brutalist campus!) but also for the glimpses of Vancouver throughout. Funded/Commissioned by Western Front (of which Bartlett was a founding director) and the Stedelijk, this is a compelling portrait of an important figure in Canadian electronic composition.