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  • Revenge



    Guess I’m not seeing how the politics of this are any more revolutionary than I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE or any of the dozens of graphically violent rape/left for dead/bloody vengeance films that were inspired by it. Even the ever important gaze of the camera (here, female, in first-time filmmaker Coralie Fargeat) gives us the expected peekaboo shots of jailbaity Lutz running around in her underwear and a crop top long before being desexualized, both through assault and rebirth as…

  • Tully



    That plot devise sure does crystallize just how terrible that McKenzie Davis performance is.

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  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2


    When I was a little kid, growing up solidly middle class, I had a lot of toys. But my parents, mindful of the expanding clutter that comes from the accumulation of “stuff,” presented me with an ultimatum: if I went long enough without playing with my toys then I’d have to get rid of them before I could get any new ones. They didn’t care what I did with them: throw them out, sell them at a yard sale, give…

  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A crushing disappointment really*, all the more so as I appear to be out of step with the rest of the internet on its lousiness. Wright’s way too accomplished a filmmaker for this to be a total wash but the film strives for a tricky confection of tones and what it arrives at is curdled. If HOT FUZZ took a comical premise and populates it with deadly serious characters, this tries the inverse, setting the film in a world of…