Android ★★★½

This movie is a little gem. It comes from the same Roger Corman New World primordial soup as Galaxy of Terror and Forbidden World, but tells an original story with a quirky flavour instead of just an Alien ripoff. Some of the same team went on to do the Critters movies (Critters 4 is kind of a sequel to this), but this is its own thing. It has some of the same ideas as Blade Runner and a lot later used for Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation (Max 404 even has slicked back hair like Data). It’s modest in effects but the story and telling are really very good. Plus it has a good cast including Don Opper and super intense mega pervert Klaus Kinski!
Not sure what they were trying to say with showing Max 404 playing videogames blowing up ships then doing it for real with almost the exact same graphics (and he makes his own explosion sound effects both times). He’s otherwise quite a sympathetic character, so I’m not sure about why this is there. But I like when Max is reprogrammed to be a killer and his wig is removed so he looks a lot like Kinski as Nosferatu and sees in desaturated super grain.

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