Phantom of the Paradise ★★★★

Can’t help but love this weirdo movie. Brian De Palma perhaps found the most perfect outlet for his more out there style elements (a hit movie like Carrie married these things to a more sincere narrative) with a riff on Phantom of the Opera, Faust and Phil Spector. Gotta love watching the Juicy Fruits, a group of doowop singers in the Italian American mould, wearing blonde wigs and beachware as a Beach Boys pastiche. This is a deliciously cynical view of entertainment especially rock and pop music. The songs are fine - whenever Jessica Harper sings them they sound awfully like the Carpenters (Paul Williams wrote some Carpenter songs too), but the only song in the movie I like without visual/story elements is the one over the end credits, which is a really snappy number.
Anyway, one of the more satisfying movies about intellectual property and copywriting, a rare leading role for William Finley and a great Satan from Paul Williams.

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