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  • Never Been Kissed

    Never Been Kissed


    Drew Barrymore deserved an Academy Award nomination.

  • Scary Movie 2

    Scary Movie 2


    I got super stoned and put this on last night. Here are 4 thoughts I had: 

    1. I cannot believe I saw this in theatres with my mother when I was 10 years old. 
    2. The Ray vs Clown rape scene is genuinely horrific. 
    3. Regina Hall is the GOAT. 
    4. I cannot believe I saw this in theatres with my mother when I was 10 years old.

  • Once Upon a Time in the East

    Once Upon a Time in the East

    While I think that contemporary criticism of Michel Tremblay's work is valid and vital in this day and age, there's no denying the cultural impact his plays had on Canada's national theatre scene. His characters speak to the division of country and soul, hurdling toward some sort of actualization or demise. Sometimes both at the same time.

    Michel always spoke for the marginalized and this film does a fantastic job at weaving together those disillusioned folk from his seminal works;…

  • Vegas Vacation

    Vegas Vacation

    “Audrey, honey, let me tell you something that I've learned. In this world you're either up on the stage in the spotlight, or down in the pit serving drinks.”

  • National Theatre Live: Yerma

    National Theatre Live: Yerma


    Simon Stone's adaptations are dark and nasty creatures. He builds upon the source material by excavating its deepest truths and contemporizes them right to the dry bone. Billie Piper was simply astonishing here ... her soul was quite frankly laid bare for the audience to witness and you are with her every step of the way. I truly believe that theatre should always be ugly, violent, and ask the toughest questions of those who dare. Perfection.

  • Falsettos


    I went to see this on Broadway in 2016 and famously walked out after 5 minutes due to a triggered panic attack. Even though it took 4 years and a pandemic, I’m so happy I finally got to see this wonderful musical in all its Queer glory. ❤️

  • Black Water: Abyss

    Black Water: Abyss


    I was hoping that Betty White would show up with her pet baby crocodiles :(

  • Dutchman



    There is nothing scarier than an unhinged white woman on a subway train.

  • The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

    The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement


    Julie Andrews, sweetie, I am so sorry.

  • National Theatre Live: Hedda Gabler

    National Theatre Live: Hedda Gabler


    I need Ivo van Hove’s load.

  • The Princess Diaries

    The Princess Diaries


    I used to identify with Mia Thermopolis but now I fully relate to her morose neighbor, Mr. Robutusen.

  • Airport 1975

    Airport 1975


    It's pretty iconic that Gloria Swanson's last screen role was herself.