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  • Braindead



    Enjoyable, gory horror comedy. Some of the best practical effects I've seen, and there's no shortage of them. But it didn't feel quite as fun or energetic as I wanted, the story was just a little flat.

  • Prime Cut

    Prime Cut


    Good 70s crime flick. Tough with some fun action set pieces. But despite all the ingredients being there, it doesn't come together as well as it could. A pity as it should've been great, but it still made for an entertaining watch.

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  • He Never Died

    He Never Died


    Focused, no nonsense, dark comedy horror. Did a good job of world-building while still effectively telling a standalone story. I hope they get the series off the ground.

  • Revolver



    A top-tier poliziotteschi. More drama than action, it's atmospheric, tense and downbeat. And it tells a great story as three seemingly unconnected incidents start to come together. Fabio Testi's good, though Oliver Reed is great and the perfect choice of lead.