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  • The Video Dead

    The Video Dead


    With this and re-watching Terrorvision the other day, I'm realizing that one of my favorite things about film is watching characters watch and react to TV. Especially if it's a big dumb tube TV with shit picture. The Video Dead has some choice TV watching. Our pubescent male lead settles in for a nice night of blazing and TV surfing. When the TV talks to him, he talks right the fuck back!

    The Video Dead simply rules. There is no…

  • TerrorVision



    Great comforting movie. It's been years since I'd seen this, but I forgot nothing. Just one of those movies that gets everything correct and succeeds so well on it's own terms - and those terms rock - that it is an absolute joy to watch.

    It's a damn shame that this movie didn't blow up at the box office. Maybe 1986's Challenger explosion made sci fi comedy horror romps too distasteful. Either way, I gave The Fibonaccis their due by…

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  • The Martian

    The Martian


    "Science the shit out of it." "Let's do this." "I can do it" *bro banter* "disco sucks*

    Drew Goddard is terrible. Ridley Scott is terrible. Matt Damon is very likable. Jeff Daniels did his best work in Dumb and Dumber and has been a national disgrace ever since. Donald Glover is embarrassing. Strange race mix-ups in the casting that keep the ethnic names and background of the book. This movie is a mess.

    I hate how being pro-science has completely…

  • The White Helmets

    The White Helmets


    Piece of shit imperialist agit prop that fails at even being compelling propaganda.

    The White Helmets are not good people. They are largely responsible for our idiotic political leaders and media cretins advocating for war in Syria for the past few years. Here they are presented as tailors, blacksmiths and builders who just want to save lives. In reality they are the Western backed Sunni extremist allied information arm of the latest iteration of the butchers on 9/11/01. How swindled…