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  • John Waters: This Filthy World

    John Waters: This Filthy World


    When John Waters passes, it will be a great loss to American culture. What kind of nut is still so gleefully subversive in his old age?

    The documentary captures one of Waters' one man shows. Waters goes through his life and discusses each of his movies at length. He's always charming if not always funny and hearing him talk about 'wilding' is a treat. His whole worldview strikes a chord with me and I hope I'm still this excited to talk about shit and cum and buttholes when I reach an advanced age. Salute to the king!

  • Mohawk



    Mohawk verges on greatness during several moments. It is so inept in conception and execution that as it flounders through its by the numbers narrative it achieves levels of shit that I didn't think possible. That's not to say it's worth watching. It's not. This is the same level of shit you see at any film school screening. Just stretched out for 90 minutes.

    A young Mohican is in a love triangle with another Mohican and an Englishman. The War…

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  • The Martian

    The Martian


    "Science the shit out of it." "Let's do this." "I can do it" *bro banter* "disco sucks*

    Drew Goddard is terrible. Ridley Scott is terrible. Matt Damon is very likable. Jeff Daniels did his best work in Dumb and Dumber and has been a national disgrace ever since. Donald Glover is embarrassing. Strange race mix-ups in the casting that keep the ethnic names and background of the book. This movie is a mess.

    I hate how being pro-science has completely…

  • The White Helmets

    The White Helmets


    Piece of shit imperialist agit prop that fails at even being compelling propaganda.

    The White Helmets are not good people. They are largely responsible for our idiotic political leaders and media cretins advocating for war in Syria for the past few years. Here they are presented as tailors, blacksmiths and builders who just want to save lives. In reality they are the Western backed Sunni extremist allied information arm of the latest iteration of the butchers on 9/11/01. How swindled…