Leviathan ★★★★

Leviathan plays out like theater – the drama is so tangible and the deep insanity and emotions within the characters feel almost Shakespearean. Of course, the movie has many faults and I am in no way comparing it to Shakespeare in its brilliance, but within a few minutes of watching, I think you will see exactly what I’m getting at. Every line that these family members speak to one another feels tinged with some hidden emotion specifically built from their personalities. They are tragic figures from start to finish, and the events of the story move along with a fixed purpose. The retelling of the biblical story of Job from the perspective of a now crumbling and corrupt church-and-state-society is perfect to watch in our modern world. Unfortunately, many of the important characters did not feel given their due, and many plot points felt like their only purpose was to add to the tragic effect rather than add to the story and themes. Nonetheless, it is still an excellent movie and I look forward to watching more by the director.


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