Minari ★★★★

Minari is a great take on a story that is likely familiar to everyone. It takes this story and gives it a much-needed perspective boost - now putting the American dream in the hands of a Korean immigrant family. It didn't fall into cliches in order to 'update' the film, and in fact, it surprised me in the way it handled certain topics. The acting is phenomenal and the filmmaking quality is astounding, however, the story itself is where the movie faltered. Not that the story was bad at all (it was in fact very good) but it so easily could have been great. Unfortunately, though, the movie did not take any narrative risks and instead relied on predictable pre-set plot points. The tragedy at the end also relied on far too many coincidental events to line up and make it work. Overall, while it is not typically my type of film, I did find myself enjoying it, but I can't get over the fact that so much could have been done to make it better.


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